Watch: Thomas Vanek on breakaway, decides to pass (VIDEO)


Thomas Vanek's decision making abilities, on and off the ice, are questionable at best. Today he gave the hockey world an example of this in a play versus the Predators.

Vanek blasted through the neutral zone, getting behind the Nashville defense. He was one-on-one with Pekka Rinne when THIS happened:


He passed the puck, behind the back, to Zach Parise who wasn't quite there yet. Preds defenseman Shea Weber seemed to have a telepathic connection with Vanek and held back just slightly to intercept the pass that never was.

Or perhaps Weber is an avid web researcher of his opponents, and read this from our friend Adam Gretz, then with SB Nation, on Vanek's propensity to pass at the most inopportune time, the last time in the playoffs:

With an opportunity to get a shot off on Henrik Lundqvist in what was, at the time, a one-goal game, Vanek inexplicably did not shoot, got himself in way too deep, and tried to make a backwards pass to nobody in particular.


(S/T Dave Lozo for the Vine)