Washington Capitals’ new Winter Classic jersey logo leaks (Photo)

The official event announcing the 2015 Winter Classic at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. is Tuesday, and the ballpark is already adorned with signage for the press conference.

Including what appears to be the Washington Capitals’ new Winter Classic jersey logo.

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The image was captured by an tipster for Russian Machine Never Breaks, and it appears the Capitals are doing a more dramatic jersey design for their game against the Chicago Blackhawks than they did for their previous Winter Classic at the Pittsburgh Penguins. In the sense that they’re doing more than taking the “1980s red, white and blue stars” design out of mothballs.

The most exciting part about this logo is the history that’s apparently inspired it. The ‘W’ on the crest, with the word "CAPITALS" across it, is unmistakably similar to the classic ‘W’ the Washington Senators baseball team used to wear:

Via Russian Machine Never Breaks
Via Russian Machine Never Breaks

Another interesting theory: That the Capitals’ logo has stars above the ‘W’ to represent D.C., Maryland and Virginia, honoring the place they play, the place they practice and the state with the baseball stadium they should actually be holding the Winter Classic in.

Pretty cool if the Capitals bring the Senators’ legacy into the 2015 Winter Classic. Well, hopefully not all of their legacy. We’d imagine they’d actually like to win a game.