Want tickets to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup? Prepare to pony up

History will be made Wednesday night during Game 7. Either the Vancouver Canucks will win their first Stanley Cup in franchise history or the Boston Bruins will win their first title in 39 years.

If you want to find yourself inside Rogers Arena on Wednesday night, start checking between your couch cushions or sifting through your desk for old birthday cards from grandma because it's going to cost you.

According to StubHub, tickets to Game 7 have been the most purchased item on the site since Monday night and the average price per ticket was $3,082. The Game 1 ticket price average was $833. Game 2 was $976 and Game 5 last Friday was $1,219.

A quick look right now shows around 400 tickets available for Game 7 ranging from $1,600 to $13,589 for a pair of lower-bowl ducats. The $13K price tag won't scare off everyone as StubHub tells us one soul bought a pair of center-ice lower-bowl seats for $6,500 each Monday. Those are some deep pockets.

Rogers Arena will be packed Wednesday night and the streets of downtown Vancouver will be filled with Canucks fans who didn't have the funds to get their way into see the game live and are prepared to celebrate.

Seeing the Stanley Cup celebration, win or lose for your favorite team, is always a special occasion in person, but would come at a steep cost to you. Inspired by Puck Buddy @theactivestick, how much would you pay for a ticket to see your team play in a Game 7?

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