Want to learn the business of hockey? The LA Kings want to teach you

Jen Neale
Puck Daddy

To work in professional sports, you have to be smart, passionate, competitive, and lucky. All the major leagues have a huge talent pool to choose from for a small number of positions. Making yourself standout among the rest is hard enough; getting your foot in the door is nearly impossible.

The Los Angeles Kings are offering a seminar series and networking opportunity to fans in order to give them a glimpse inside the business of hockey.

"This was a creative initiative conceived by our Fan Development Department," said Kelly Cheeseman, COO of AEG Sports, "to provide an insight into the behind the scenes workings of our business for students and other business executives that may have interest."

Cheeseman continues, "We have a number of special speaker series and college alumni events annually as group sales networking events. This will be more similar to other business and trade panel events, but dedicated to the business of our sport. Networking with top local executives and recruiting young talent to our business can all be a benefit to the series."

Another important part about working in sports is who you know. The panelists attending offer a unique networking opportunity in a non-traditional hockey market. If treated seriously (i.e. don't show up and be a fanboy), this is the opportunity to make a positive impression on those that matter.

To get the most out of the seminar, Cheeseman recommends that one "choose the panel that interests you, study the participants and be prepared with the questions about the business in advance that you may want to know."

The deadline to sign up to is March 14th. More information can be found at LAKings.com/Business.

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