Vote Now: Sidney Crosby Golden Roar Reader Art Contest Finals

Whew-hoo! The great Trevor E. did this Dr. Strangelove homage. Alas, it is a runner-up.

After more than 300 entries that spanned the spectrum from inspired to disturbing, it's time for you to decide the Sidney Crosby(notes) Golden Roar art contest champion. The contest was inspired by Sid the Kid's iconic Olympic moment -- after scoring the game-winning overtime goal to win the gold medal over the U.S. -- and was properly celebrated by your sick, twisted minds.

The full gallery of Crosby contest entries can be found on Flickr; check it out now or bookmark it for lunchtime on Monday. (Apologies for the animated .gifs not transferring over.)

It's not going to be easy: There are 12 finalists. Usually, the decision comes down to yours truly, Leahy and a six-pack of Smithwick's. Not so this time; like with the No-Foil Stanley Cup contest, you'll have the chance to determine the losers. Your finalists:

The voting will continue through the weekend and will end at midnight EST on Sunday, leaving you plenty of time to rally supporters to your chosen Roar 'Shop. We here at Puck Daddy can't thank you enough for making this and every contest as entertaining and unpredictable as they are, and we're honored every day by the time and participation spent on this silly blog. Thank you, sincerely, for reading.

Coming up, another look at the finalists. Check out all the entries in the full gallery.

As we mentioned in the last gallery, there will be three places in this contest, with first place getting his or her pick of these prizes:

New Strat-o-Matic hockey game, for the hockey nerd in you.

Two VIKINGSTAD! T-shirts from our friends at Pucking Hilarious.

Your choice of hockey reading: "Hockey Dad" by TSN's Bob McKenzie; "Gabby: Confessions of a Hockey Lifer" by Bruce Boudreau and Tim Leone; or "Slap Shot Original" by Dave Hanson.

The Top 12, as chosen by the PD staff and your feedback:

Crosby & Women's Team (Kyle L)

Olympic Logo Sidney (LW3H)

Crosby in 300 (Marc H)

Tetherball Crosby (Michael A)

Curling Pants (Rod F)

The Karate Sid (Scotty Hockey)

Crosby taunts Ovechkin (Scott T)

The Sid Scream (Travis H)

Rampage Crosby (Josh E)

Bob Ross Crosby (Jason J)

When Gary Met Sidney (BD)

No Diving (Adam S)

In some cases, we had a few choices for a given topic; we usually went for the first one that sent in the joke.

Finally, a word about this, which didn't make the finals:

(NOTE: Click here or click the image to view this animated .gif, which our publishing software doesn't support.)

Running .gifs here or on Flickr is trouble. But please know that we're sending a special prize to Puck Buddy Anthony G. for the aninimated awesomeness in this contest.

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