Which vintage jerseys should Detroit, Chicago wear in Wrigley?

Now that it appears definite that the 2009 National Hockey League Winter Classic will take place at Wrigley Field and feature the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings, it's time to take out our "jump to conclusions" mat and assume both teams will be sporting vintage uniforms.

The Oilers and Canadiens did in 2003 and the Sabres and Penguins went old school back on Jan. 1. So it's safe to assume that the 'Hawks and defending Stanley Cup champion Wings are going to don retro sweaters as well.

The only question now is which classic jerseys will both teams wear? Going through the archives of both the Blackhawks and Red Wings brought the following possible choices that we'll see come Jan. 1, 2009.

Detroit doesn't have much to choose from. They've never gone away from the jersey style you see today since they became the Red Wings in the early 1930's.

Worn in the late 1920's when they were known as the "Cougars" and most recently during the 1991-92 season in honor of the league's 75th anniversary.

The standard winged wheel with the red strip on the arms. Maybe they can retro-them up and throw on some laces to add more of a vintage feel to it.

Chicago has had a few different looks since they came into the league in 1926. Same logo, but the jersey has seen some patterns come and go.

Old reliable. Red jersey. Side view of the Blackhawk. I'm a big fan of laces in the front, but only for Original Six teams.

The "barber shop" look which was introduced in the last 1930's and brought back during the '91-92 season for the NHL's 75th anniversary.

Worn in the '40's and 50's, this one is too plain for me and just has a Grandpa Simpson-not-so-cool old look to it; not an Abe Vigoda-cool feel.

So what jerseys do you want to see flying around the friendly confines of Wrigley Field next New Year's Day?

While we should have a full announcement by the NHL within the next week once they release the 2008-09 schedule, what both teams will wear might not be decided right away.

It's always possible for leaks pop up and ruin the surprise. Although, looking at the options, it might be pretty obvious what will be hot selling items next December. You'll probably see both jerseys that the teams donned during the 91-92 anniversary season worn by 'Hawks and Wings fans around the country, as we get closer and closer to Winter Classic 2009.

Let's hear what you want see during the Winter Classic. Do you like the retro-look? Want to keep things the way they are and wear their regular jerseys?

Are you a Photoshop freak or artist of great ability and want to design your own Winter Classic 2009 jersey? Let us know.

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