Vinny Lecavalier fights Keegan Lowe twice, gets vengeance in Round 2 (Video)

Kevin Lowe’s final season in the NHL was the year Vincent Lecavalier was drafted by the Tampa Bay Lightning, back in 1998.

Keegan Lowe, Kevin’s son, was five years old that year.

This is all context and perspective for what happened on Thursday night in the Philadelphia Flyers’ game vs. the Carolina Hurricanes, which featured not one but two fights between Lowe, making his NHL debut, and Lecavalier, playing in the 1,163rd game of his NHL career.

The first fight was a product of a couple of nasty cross-checks from Lowe into Lecavalier's back. Vinny had enough, turned about, and dropped the gloves with Lowe. The Hurricane hit him with a barrage of punches and won the decision, although Lecavalier got one quality left in.

That was at 18:51 of the first period. They both received five for fighting.

At 9:22 of the second period, Lecavalier wanted Round 2.

Vinny dropped the gloves, grabbed the back of Lowe’s jersey like scruffing a kitten, and began pounding with his right hand. Lowe didn’t offer much defense, as Lecavalier ambushed him.

Lecavalier was given five for fighting, an instigator and a 10-minute misconduct.

Lowe was also given five minutes for … being a punching bag? I don’t know, we got nothing…

This is why we must have that second-fight rule in the NHL – to make sure goons like Vinny Lecavalier aren’t ruining the game. (/sarcasm)