Videos: Malik-like goal in Sweden, shootout trick in Slovakia

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We all remember former New York Rangers defenseman Marek Malik's famous 15th-round shootout goal against the Washington Capitals in 2008 when he decided to spice things up and pull out the old "stick between the legs" move and beat Olie Kolzig and win the game.

Over in Sweden this week, Niklas Anger of Almtuna of the HockeyAllsvenskan (second division) decided to put Malik's move to the test during live action, quickly reacting to a loose puck in front of the opposing net:

Anger, a 34-year-old fifth-round draft choice of the Montreal Canadiens in 1995, would take home "goal of the night" honors despite a 3-2 loss to Rogle.

In other European highlight-reel goal news this week, Radoslav Bural of second division MSHK Prievidza in Slovakia pulled out the "fall on your stomach, pass from hand to stick" move in a shootout during an exhibition:

We would love if "NHL On the Fly" started remixing its highlights with Europop in the background.

The move hasn't been tried in an actual NHL shootout yet, but it's been brought out during the All-Star Trick Shot competition before.

But hey, if another shootout enters the late-teens round like the Rangers-Capitals did, let's hope someone follows in Malik's footsteps and gets really creative then.

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