Video: As a woman, Mike Rupp would totally date Bill Guerin

Open forums can be dangerous places. They've brought down politicians, tripped up so-called experts and occasionally have gotten students tased, bro.

Their unpredictability was on display on a recent airing of "Inside Penguins Hockey" on Fox Sports Net, a program that's yet another example of the Pittsburgh Penguins' mastery of basic community outreach, where so many other teams completely fail or are apathetic. With Penguins players Mike Rupp and Jay McKee(notes) prepared to answer any and all questions, a mischievous fan in the audience named Jennifer stepped up the mic with a doozy for Rupp:

If you were a woman, which Pens player would you want to date and why?

Once the laughter died down in the room, the panel began exploring Rupp's schoolgirl crush on Bill Guerin(notes):

Luckily she followed up with "why?", or else we would have never learned about Rupp's admiration for Guerin's "sleek but sophisticated look." Somewhere, Max Talbot(notes) weeps silently into the sleeve of his designer shirt.

On the serious tip, Guerin has been taking a little heat this season, with 6 goals in 27 games. It's unfair, because the basis for comparison is his 5 goals in 17 games during that lights-out stretch on Sidney Crosby's(notes) wing after the trade deadline last season. Dude was born the year after Woodstock; within that context, the productivity is fine.

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