Video: Vityaz’s Nasty Mirasty goes after KHL bench, ejected

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After their goon tactics and hooliganism made a mockery of the KHL, Russian officials took action against Vityaz Chekhov last month by suspending Jeremy Yablonski for the season and proposing new rules to limit the number of pugilists on KHL rosters.

Maybe that memo went to John Mirasty's SPAM folder. Here's the man they call "Nasty" getting mixed up in a scrum on Sunday, and then attempting to fight players on the Dynamo Riga bench (around the 2-minute mark) before being ejected:

Mirasty was in the thick of a scrum near the Riga goal, but the game officials appeared to have him subdued as Vityaz's Evgeny Timkin and Riga's Jekabs Redlihs split off for a spirited fight.

Then Mirasty decided he wanted a piece of someone, flipped his lid, and skated over to the Riga bench in an attempt to draw former New York Rangers and Calgary Flames player Jamie Lundmark into a fight.

After that was laughed off, Mirasty skated to the penalty box, taunting the crowd by asking for their jeers and making a motion around his waist that indicated he feels he's in line to win a heavyweight belt.

Then he was ejected.

Later in the clip, Mirasty's partner in KHL goonery Nick Tarnasky earned a roughing call off the faceoff. Riga won the "hockey game," 2-0 over Vityaz.

Mirasty still has a ways to go for the PIM lead in the KHL. He's averaging 5 minutes per game through 20 games. Kip Brennan of Vityaz leads the KHL with an average of 14:21, but he's in the midst of a 15-game suspension. Clearly, Mirasty's looking to make up the difference as quickly as possible.

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