Video: The Vancouver Canucks medley of frustration, inspiration

Puck Daddy

We're suckers for medleys. Like on the Oscars, where ill-fitting songs and over-choreographed dancing create a casserole of awkward. Or these Lady Gaga cover(s) on YouTube that have been viewed 4.7 million times (if this is your particular brand of whimsy; if not, here's a TV theme song medley).

Vancouver Canucks blogger Clay Imoo of Canucks Hockey Blog decided the best way to kick-start the team's six-game road trip (and wash away their early-season funk) was with the power of a medley. And he decided to bring in a ringer: Vancouver Whitecaps FC anthem singer Marie Hui.

The result: a medley of "Man in the Mirror", "Firework" and "Rolling in the Deep" that flips their lyrics for Canucks-centric ones. Part parody, part anthem — all of it rather impressive. Enjoy.

Clay is one of 15 bloggers jockeying to be the next Canucks bloggers for The Province. Interesting little free labor competition they have going there.

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