Video: Tyler Myers shatters glass to quiet taunting Flyers fan

During the first round of the 2011 Eastern Conference playoffs, a Philadelphia Flyers fan taunted the Buffalo Sabres during warmups before a game at Wells Fargo Center, and the Sabres responded by plunking a few pucks off the glass at this pest.

Eventually, it was time for 6-foot-7 defenseman Tyler Myers to offer his rejoinder — with smashing results:

Obviously, whenever the glass shatters, your first thoughts should be about the safety of the fans in its blast zone. Hopefully everyone walked away OK, especially since there appeared to be a youngin' sitting by the glass. We're guessing this was not the result that Myers expected when taking his shot at the heckler, but we're also guessing this is not the first time the man/mountain didn't know his own strength.

All that said … this is what happens when you taunt men who have the ability to launch a frozen rubber projectile with incredible speed at the breakable surface you believe is protecting your heckling behind. And why it's not only cheaper but safer to launch expletives from the comfort of the upper deck …

It's not on the same level of karmic comeuppance as that Steve Sullivan vs. Colorado Avalanche heckler classic, but it's still rather amusing.

Just so there's no confusion: We slowed down the frame rate of the video, and we can confirm that it was a puck from the ice that shattered the glass and not a 9-volt thrown from the front row at the players. You know, for clarity's sake.

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