Video: Tyler Myers hits Danius Zubrus; Shanaban?

Puck Daddy

Apparently energized by his one-game benching, Tyler Myers made an immediate impact in his return to the Sabres' lineup, scoring twice on 4 shots in the Sabres' 5-3 loss versus the New Jersey Devils.

That said, Myers actually had 5 shots in the game, not 4, if you count the one to the head of Danius Zubrus:

Think Brendan Shanahan is going to look at this? I'm gonna go with probably. That said, whether or not this receives a suspension is a different story, and I suspect it won't. It's a smorgasbord of mitigating elements:

• Zubrus is reaching for the puck at the precise moment Myers steps in, which has the look of a player putting himself in a vulnerable position.

• Not only is Zubrus very low on this play, but Myers is very high, as he usually is at 6'8". If a player reaches at the same time a player of Myers' stature tries to step into him, this is the sort of thing that may happen.

• Myers has no history of dirty play.

• Zubrus stayed in the game.

There was also no penalty on the play, and heck, while we're at it, according to the statsheet, there wasn't even a hit. Granted, that says more about the inexact science of hit-counting than it does about this incident.

Anyway. I'm saying no ban. What do you guys think?

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