Video: Turns out Don Cherry’s desk is also an invisible piano

Puck Daddy

This video hit the Intertubes a couple days ago, and we've been meaning to get it to you ever since. But you know how Christmas goes. It's a busy time. You head out to the mall in the morning to pick up a Turboman action doll, and before you know it, you wind up fighting with Sinbad all damn day.

Anyway. This video is awesome no matter when you see it, so don't turn your nose up at it just because it's a few days old. I present to you: Don Cherry's piano desk.

I would like to formally demand a super retro Moog Prodigy Analog Synthesizer version of this video.

As somebody who's seen more than his fair share of Coach's Corner, my mind is absolutely blown by this. I've been watching Don Cherry gesture as flamboyantly as he dresses for over two decades now, and it's never quite occurred to me how often he splays his fingers on the desk like that. This is brilliant.

Am I alone in thinking that, the moment you begin to view Cherry as a terrible lounge pianist, his shimmering, crimson, crushed velvet blazer seems a little more appropriate?

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