Video: Tomas Plekanec wins faceoff, scores on his own goalie

Puck Daddy

The first goal in any game is vitally important, but when it's two rivals like the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens, it could be a momentum swing.

Luckily for Tomas Plekanec and Carey Price, the blooper they hooked up on during a defensive zone faceoff late in the first period didn't sink the Canadiens in the end.

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(Did you picture the enormous smile on Jack Edwards' face as he called that goal?)

Hard to blame Plekanec for that one. He won the draw nice and clean, but Price, for whatever reason, completely whiffed on pushing the puck away from his crease. Patrice Bergeron was credited with the goal as the puck nicked his stick after it broke and the center was falling on his face.

"I just Bill Bucknered it," Price said. "Just a mental lapse, for sure. I didn't want that to be the winning goal. Our guys did good to get it back and they bailed me out."

The Canadiens would edge the Bruins 2-1 as Plekanec would make up for putting one past Price (29 saves) by netting the winner with 9:14 left in the third period.

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