Video: Toby Keith hoists Stanley Cup during Chicago show opener

The Stanley Cup summer tour is winding down as the Chicago Blackhawks prepare for their October 9th home opener against the Detroit Red Wings where they will raise another championship banner as Lord Stanley's prize has the best seat in the house at center ice.

It's been a busy summer for the Cup traveling all over the world with a couple of notable stops during Chicago-area concerts. During Patrick Kane's(notes) time with the Cup in August, he brought it on stage during a Jimmy Buffett concert in Chicago and proceeded to then play the hell out of a tambourine.

Back in Chicago on Saturday, the Cup made an appearance at the opening of a Toby Keith show at the Midwest Bank Amphitheatre. From the bed of a pickup truck, Keith opened his show playing acoustic guitar seated next to the Cup. Once he finished, Keith hocked a loogie, took off the guitar and then, well, watch (video is timelocked now):

At least Keith was smart enough to hand it off to a roadie, who then passed it to one of the Cup keepers and so we were spared another Def Leppard incident. And notice the spillage out of the bowl before he raises it. How many good ole American beers did Keith pound before he emerged from the pickup truck?

An aside here, do we give Keith a pass for raising the Cup over his head because he's a celebrity? Or are mere mortals like us and celebrities, who haven't experienced what a Cup victory feels like, only allowed to touch, not lift it?