Video: Swedish announcers get somewhat excited about their World Junior OT championship win

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For the first time since 1981, Sweden captured the gold medal at the World Junior Hockey Championships with a 1-0 overtime win over Russia on Thursday night.

After a victory 30 years in the making, some enthusiasm could be expected from players, coaches and, yes, even broadcasters. So please excuse the SVT booth for being positively orgasmic after Mika Zibanejad scored at 10:09 of overtime. Is that giggling we hear?

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Wow. It's like hearing Han Solo after Luke blew up the Death Star, if his name was Sven Salo. We especially liked when the Suzy Kolber of Sweden, who looks like Jane Curtain by way of Bonnie Hunt, being all hands on with the Swedish coach.

A quick translation of their euphoric screaming:

"Zibanejad scores! Sweet mother of ABBA!"

"We have defeated the Russians because they are brash and un-North American! At least that's what I read in the Canadian newspapers!"

"I have already pre-ordered 100 of the postage stamps our government will create from this highlight! I will gloriously lick 99 of them to get a glue high while placing one on pedestal I constructed from IKEA!"

"Woo-hoo! Go Sweden! I will remain excited about this until Saturday when the Bruins use the Sedins as tackling dummies for 60 minutes! Down to you, Suzy …"

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s/t Félix Lévesque

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