Video: Ryan O'Byrne's face sliced by Taylor Hall's skate

There was a lot of ugly in the Colorado Avalanche's 5-1 loss at home to the Edmonton Oilers on Wednesday night, but nothing more gruesome than this: Defenseman Ryan O'Byrne(notes) getting his mouth sliced open by the skate of Taylor Hall(notes) during the first period.

Nothing too bloody here, but also not for the squeamish:

Hard to tell from that video, but O'Bryne actually finished his shift after getting cut by the skate blade. Because he's a hockey player.

From the AP:

Bleeding badly from the cut, O'Byrne nevertheless managed to skate off the ice and was escorted into the locker room for initial treatment before being taken to a nearby hospital.

"He suffered a bad cut on his face," Colorado coach Joe Sacco said. "They had to take him to get sewn up. Anytime a skate gets near the face, it's always dangerous and scary. I'll know more tomorrow ... I'm sure he'll be fine at the end of the day."

If only the Avalanche were so easily fixed, having now lost 13 of their last 15 games. Both wins came against the St. Louis Blues. They don't see them again until April 5.

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