Video: The Rock's hockey/Tooth Fairy masterpiece gets teased

Last week, we brought you a first glimpse of beloved wrestling icon and underrated film star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as "The Tooth Fairy," as a hockey player who is forced to serve as an officially sanctioned Tooth Fairy for one week. The trailer is out and it promises to make that movie where Vin Diesel gets bit by a duck look like "There Will Be Blood":

Glimmers of hope:

• We didn't realize that along with cribbing from "The Santa Clause" and (based on the final trailer scene) "Men In Black," the film also appears to have an extended "Incredible Shrinking Man" homage in which a tiny Johnson is menaced by a pussycat. This is actually an encouraging sign.

• Invisible hockey player hi-jinks are always welcome in a movie. Although, as Roger Ebert pointed out in his review of the Wayans Bros. basketball opus "The 6th Man," they'd become the stuff of instant replay scrutiny on SportsCenter.

• Finally, Ashley Judd as returned to hockey. You know why.

Yeah, that's about it. No NHL logos or teams; instead, The Rock plays for a minor-league franchise called the Ice Wolves -- a team whose logo appears to be the love child of an arctic lycanthrope and the Canucks whale. (Clearly not as cool as these Ice Wolves.)

Perhaps the film's biggest hockey mystery: The Ice Wolves appear to be playing a team called the "L'Men" at the start of the teaser. "Lizard Men?" "Lettermen?" Perhaps it's a Quebec expansion team: "Le Men?"

"The Tooth Fairy" is scheduled for release on January 22, 2010. Oscar bait!

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