Video: Roberto Luongo is a poet and he didn't even know it

We were a little busy in New York City last night with some friends watching the Islanders-Rangers snoozer, so we missed this brilliant intermission piece from TSN between periods of the Chicago Blackhawks and Vancouver Canucks tilt.

Here's Roberto Luongo(notes) dressed up like an old, codgy English professor, reciting some of his favorite short poems on topics that include the Sedin twins, Dustin Byfuglien(notes) and shootouts:

In case you wanted to read along and memorize Luongo's message to Byfuglien ...

"Human eclipse / Rhinoceros hips

Who will laugh last when I slash your calf?

Bring me peace / Make it cease.

Get your big ass out of my crease"

With Luongo as the inspiration, we'd like to see more NHLers enter the world of poetry, like Kris Versteeg(notes) using his freestyle rap abilities to win a Poetry Slam or Sean Avery(notes) performing spoken word poetry in the back of a coffee shop somewhere in Manhattan.

Stick-tap to the good people at Nucks Misconduct for the video

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