Video: Rene Bourque’s hit from behind injures Brent Seabrook

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Scary scene from the Chicago Blackhawks' game against the Calgary Flames on Sunday night, as Rene Bourque sent Brent Seabrook's head into the glass and sent Seabrook out of the game with an "upper body injury."

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Bourque was given a 5-minute major for checking from behind and a game misconduct at 15:25 of the first period. Seabrook was ruled out of the rest of the game:

From Jesse Rogers of ESPN Chicago:

Replays showed Seabrook suffered a head injury, the extent of which is unknown. It's the third time in three years he has absorbed a hit to his head.  In last year's playoffs, Seabrook missed time after taking a blow from Vancouver's Raffi Torres. In 2009-10, Seabrook was hit by the Ducks' James Wisniewski, causing him to miss several games.

It was an awkward play, with Seabrook losing the puck while approaching referee Stephane Auger along the boards. The shove by Bourque at the end might have been instinctive because the hit he lined up wasn't there; but there's no question the two-handed shove drove Seabrook's head into the glass.

In Sheriff Shanahan's precinct, the responsibility's probably on the hitter here. It's also not like Bourque's game isn't know for having its rough edges.

s/t Kukla for the video.

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