Video: Red Wings fan ejected by cop during Cup celebration

If you could think of the absolute worst time for a fan to get singled out by an usher and then led out of the arena by a police officer, what do you imagine?

If you guessed, "While your favorite team is celebrating a Stanley Cup championship on the ice," bingo bango.

From The Pensblog comes this video captured after Game 6 between the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Hockey Fan 101: If you're wearing the wrong colors and an usher who just saw his team eliminated from the Stanley Cup finals asks you to stop taking pictures near the glass, better damn well stop ... or else say hello to Mr. Police Officer, who no doubt relished this small victory for Pittsburgh over Detroit.

In case you couldn't hear the audio, that would be disgruntled Red Wings fan saying, "Dude, I paid $1,300 for my ticket!" Doesn't leave much left for bail, does it?

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