Video: Ranting about the Dallas Stars' troubles, Slipknot style

Please recall "ZMAN" -- Puck Daddy favorite, Dallas Stars super-fan and possible spawn of Brett Hull -- who had a rant against Sean Avery after the "sloppy seconds" fiasco.

This time, he's putting his feelings about the Stars and their struggles this season into song -- inspired by Slipknot's "Psychosocial" (video).

The video takes it to another level at the 48-second and 1:35 marks when ZMAN goes all A-Ha's "Take on Me" on us.

I was waiting to for Mike Modano to be on the other side of that mirror and be taken into the cartoon world of ZMAN.

You don't want to make a Stars fan angry; otherwise you'll be subjected to videos like this one.

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