Video: Puck goes missing in Niemi's pads, Toews saves the day

Funny moment at the end of the first period in Game 5 of the Chicago Blackhawks and Nashville Predators series. Nashville rookie forward Nick Spaling(notes) took a shot on goal that was swallowed up for a faceoff by Antti Niemi(notes). The faceoff in the Blackhawks zone was delayed as the officials had a hard time finding the puck in Niemi's equipment.

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"That's almost seemed like Antti Niemi was giving birth there to that puck." Birth to a puck that would most certainly come with an active stick, right Edzo?

Niemi and the officials spent a few minutes searching within the goaltenders' equipment like he was taken out of line by airport security before Captain Serious nonchalantly came over to reveal the missing puck. It was like Jonathan Toews(notes) knew where it was all along. Either that or he was pulling some David Blaine sleight of hand, or your grandpa's old "puck under your jersey" trick.

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