Video: President Clinton takes in Rangers game, gives a Jagr salute

Up in Canada, it's pretty common to see the nation's leader at hockey games. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is at all the big ones. Heck, his presence is so far removed from being a novelty now that Canadians demand he pay full price for tickets and get upset if he asks for too many.

In America, however, getting the commander-in-chief out to a hockey game is a little more difficult. President Barack Obama's still never been to a Washington Capitals game.

However, it would appear that former President Bill Clinton has a little more interest in hockey. He was at Thursday night's game between the New York Rangers and the Florida Panthers, and he showed that he isn't just a casual observer: Clearly, he keeps up with the goings-on of the NHL at least a little.

During the intermission, he came down to the glass, where the ice crew flipped him a puck. And then, because Clinton remains a very cool guy, he showed his appreciation by flashing a Jagr salute, much like the Rangers' Mike Rupp did at the Winter Classic.

No word on whether Scott Hartnell tracked Clinton down after the game and demanded he show a future Hall of Famer some respect ...

In closing: Bill Clinton for Prime Minister.