Video: Patrick Eaves presents what not to do in the shootout

The following clip begins with the FSN Detroit announcer praising the shot of Patrick Eaves(notes) as "one of the best on the team ... let's see if he uses it."

This is what we call "irony," kids, as Eaves unleashed one of the worst shootout attempts since the skills competition was added to NHL overtimes, during the Detroit Red Wings' win over the Nashville Predators on Saturday night:

Well, at least he gave the ref a solid chuckle.

Guyism, which hipped us to the clip, calls this "the worst shootout attempt ever," which is incorrect for three reasons:

1. He does at least get his stick on the puck, and you have to respect anyone who can still exhibit hockey skill in the face of epic failure.

2. He falls to the ice in embarrassment ... and slides right into the Toyota advertisement on the boards, which is sort of wonderful.

3. Dennis Wideman, circa 2006, offers compelling evidence that Patrick Eaves does not, in fact, have the worst shootout attempt ever:

Much like Superman circa 1978, you'll believe that a man can fly ...

Stick-tap to Guyism for the clip.

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