Video: Nathan Gerbe gets a face full of Paul Gaustad’s skate blade

As if Nathan Gerbe didn't have enough problems, what with being the shortest player in the NHL at 5'5", the diminutive Buffalo Sabres forward left Friday night's game with the Detroit Red Wings after being kicked in the face by teammate Paul Gaustad.

Let us remember that Paul Gaustad, like all NHL players, wears knives on his feet during NHL action. Here's the gruesome video, although if you're squeamish, trust me -- it looks pretty much how you think it will.

Yikes. The fact that Gerbe skated to the bench on his own here is admirable. Take that, people who think the Sabres are soft.

And as for Milan Lucic: watch out, because Paul Gaustad has been training for round two with Shaolin monks, and the full-fledged bicycle kick to the face is now a part of his repertoire. Stay away from Ryan Miller.

According to David Amber, Gerbe received treatment for cuts to the nose and lip. Incredibly, nothing serious. Clearly, what the guy lacks in size, he makes up for in strength of face. He's day-to-day.

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