Video: Montreal’s Carey Price gets his Zoolander on for suits

The new campaign for Harry Rosen menswear stores is built around the theme of "confidence," which is something Carey Price has obviously never lacked. Here's the Montreal Canadiens goalie making Derek Zoolander proud (although he clearly needs to work on his Blue Steel) with his male modeling stint for designer suits:

Granted, it's no 1979 New York Rangers pimping Sasson jeans for Macy's, but it'll do ...

We hope the photographer had the foresight to utilize Carey's natural modeling talents at some point in the shoot, because nothing says "haute couture" like a gangsta pose.

As Price said, he's not exactly Mr. GQ all the time. At home, he dresses like the rodeo obsessed B.C. boy that he is. Speaking of which: While Price may not have a Vezina Trophy or his name on the Stanley Cup, how many NHL goalies can say they've earned this?

Yee-Haw. Your move, Marc-Andre Fleury.

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