Video: The Milwaukee Admirals poorly sing ’12 Days of Christmas’

Puck Daddy

The holiday season means holiday tunes on a continuous loop for a month. It also means sports teams (see: Belfast Giants, Sheffield Steelers) trying to go viral by producing a video featuring their players lip-synching popular holiday tunes.

But the AHL's Milwaukee Admirals stepped up to the plate this year and had their players actually sing "The 12 Days of Christmas" with their own take on the classic, poor voices and all:

• If you were wondering, yes, that was Zack Stortini as part of the "5 Missing Teeth". Does Stortini ever have a full set in his mouth?

• We really, really hope one of the "8 Smelly Gloves" wasn't borrowed from a Boston-area rec hockey league in the last week ...

• That's No. 10 Ryan Flynn breaking the stick Bo Jackson-style and likely costing himself $250 in his next paycheck. "Sorry Ryan, you're now down to just one stick for the next five games."

Then again, they could be the Colorado Eagles (bitchin' jerseys, by the way) who stuck to the original "12 Days of Christmas", but were really, really into it.

Stick-tap to Dirk from On the Forecheck for the video

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