Video: Jon Hamm of 'Mad Men,' St. Louis Blues puckhead

When we included thoughts by Don Draper of "Mad Men" in our 2009-10 NHL Season Previews, we were oblivious to the fact that the man behind the well-tailored suit was, in fact, a celebrity puckhead.

Here's actor Jon Hamm, pimping his St. Louis Blues and exhibiting an impressive amount of hockey geek cred.

Uh, did Don Draper just make a Flying Cavallini brothers reference? Killer. Thanks to Puck Buddy Colleen B. for the clip.

Please welcome Jon Hamm to the league of celebrity puckheads. Our minds are racing with possibilities for this exciting new relationship.

Perhaps a Rod Gilbert reference on "Mad Men." Or Jon Hamm rocking a tux at next year's NHL Awards (ladies ...), singing a duet with Chaka Khan.

Maybe even our ultimate wish: His reenactment of this photo as Lil' Jon Hamm, wearing a T.J. Oshie(notes) jersey and hoisting a scotch-filled pimp cup.

For the record, this is the second-greatest commercial he's ever starred in, right behind Jon Hamm's John Ham.

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