Video: Johnny Canuck’s playoff adventures are incredibly intense

His name is Johnny Canuck.

He is a Canadian superhero who helped inspire the Vancouver Canucks' team moniker.

And now he's on a mission to murder a bear with a hand axe and/or win the Stanley Cup, according to this intense short film directed by Adam MacKay-Smith.

A few thoughts:

• Bonus points for giving Johnny Canuck the Christian Bale Batman rasp.

• Demerits for not putting the Islander in the proper Gorton's Fisherman attire.

• Clearly, a physical representation of a "Nashville Predators" would have blown out the film's budget, so they opted for the grave shot. Smart move: We could have been robbed of the incredible CGI in that fight with the San Jose Shark.

s/t to Bruins Blog for this epic find.

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