Video: Igor Larionov's Hall of Fame party brings out stunning blonde daughters, giggly 'Deal or No Deal' models

This is Kendhal Beal. From her nearly non-functioning Web site, we know that she's a model from Houston who hopes to branch out into the acting world. (Does holding a briefcase on a game show and feigning either elation or disappointment count?)

"Along with modeling, Kendhal also majored in Biology at Lamar University studying to be an Orthodontist." Moving on ...

Kendhal Beal was working the red carpet at former Detroit Red Wings center Igor Larionov's Hall of Fame surprise party at Vice in Hollywood earlier this month. Working for whom? It would appear something called Notorious Models was covering the event. We have no complaints.

Our intrepid inquisitor had a trio of interviews before the party started: "Deal or no Deal" model Leyla Milani; the lovely Diana and Alyonka Larionov, a.k.a. Alexander Ovechkin awards show arm candy; and the man himself, Igor Larionov, whom she congratulates for being the "fish ... fifth Russian to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame."

Here's Igor, successfully stifling a laugh as Kendhal Beal unleashes a series of meandering hockey questions; including one in which she asks why he started the infamous Colorado Avalanche brawl with the Wings. We think. Her questions have the orderly structure of a seven-layer burrito in a blender:

Here's Kendhal with Leyla Milani, celebrity puckhead (?) and second-place finisher in the WWE Diva search.

Finally, here are the tremendously attractive Diana and Alyonka Larionov are up next, treating this interview with the gravity of a Diane Sawyer sit-down. Without a doubt, two of Igor's most memorable assists.

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