Video: Hockey fans utilize vuvuzela as noisemaking beer funnel

What was the most annoying thing in sports during 2010? LeBron's decision? Brett Favre's, ahem, overexposure? Those CGI ads on arena glass during games?

No. The answer you're looking for is the vuvuzela; that trumpet-like noisemaker that made World Cup matches sound like a swarm of flies conversing with a sleepy whale. Tanner Glass hated them. The Atlanta Thrashers banned them. They stink ... even if they sparked a few memorable Internet memes.

Ah, but there are other uses for this intolerable device. From a Rochester Americans AHL game, check out the happy couple on dollar beer night with their vuvuzela (stick-tap to Busted Coverage):

From Puck Buddy Jesse Kummer, who sent over the clip:

Someone was taking video of the game and pans over to a couple who are randomly blowing their vuvuzela during the game. Don't know why, though it sounds like there may be more than one at the arena that night. One of them gets the idea to use it correctly as a Boozevuzela. First the guy chugs his beer, then his girlfriend chugs hers. The bonus part of the video: The couple down their Boozevuzelas right in front of two, like, 8 year old kids. Pretty funny stuff. And I think the girl chugs hers faster than the guy.

That guy sitting behind them was probably on his 50th silent plea to not get the "Daddy, what are they doing?" question when she started shot-gunning the brew ...

Ah, hockey fans. If there anything we can't make better with beer?

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