Video: Hit of the night, starring Cam Janssen and ... Carey Price?

The "goalies as fair game" argument is always an interesting one. Some feel they're too coddled away from the crease, like those NFL rules that make sneezing in the general direction of a quarterback after a pass into a federal offense. Others feel that protection is warranted because, well, their wellbeing can make or break a season.

Tonight in Montreal, Carey Price(notes) of the Montreal Canadiens ventured away from the safety of his crease to play the puck during a change in the first period. Cam Janssen(notes), the St. Louis Blues' pugilistic freight train forward, skated after the puck on the forecheck. This happened:

Darren Pang, Blues announcer and former goalie, was so damn good here breaking down the play. Janssen had no other option because Price cut him off. You could argue he left his feet, but you could also argue it's because he was hurdling a goalie pad.

Gotta love Price dropping the mitts and attempting to pull his teammate off of Janssen to get a piece -- while wearing his mask. Sad that it's come to that for Carey to get a standing ovation on home ice ...

Incredibly, the Blues ended up shorthanded here: Janssen was given a roughing penalty and goalie Ty Conklin(notes) was given a minor for "goalie participation by center ice," while Roman Hamrlik(notes) received a roughing minor for the Habs. Benoit Pouliot(notes) scored on the ensuing power play.

Well, that was fun ... and you can relive the moment again and again since this highlight is already its own animated .gif.

Thanks to YouTube ace DayWalk3r for the video.

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