Video: The great Swedish stick stealing incident at opponents’ bench

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In a Thursday night SEL game, Per Ledin of HV71 got into a scrum near the Frölunda HC bench, pinning an opponent against the boards. Ledin's stick dangled over into the opponents' bench; that's when a mischievous winger named Jari Tolsa grabbed the stick blade, yanked the lumber out of Ledin's hands and into the Frölunda bench.

This did not sit well with Ledin. No, sir, it didn't. In fact, so order could be restored, the officials forced Tolsa and his teammates to return the stick to Ledin. Because apparently we're all in preschool:

HV71 won the game in overtime, 4-3; Tolsa didn't appear to be penalized for the incident. Our two favorite moments of the clip:

• When Ledin actually walks into the Frölunda HC bench area and is shoved back by an opposing player, before the equipment manager walks over to return the stolen stick. The chirping continued, and Ledin needed to be pulled back by an HV71 official.

• The referee skating over to the other on-ice officials with a giant grin on his face before saying "wooooo." Or whatever the Swedish equivalent of "woo" is. We're guessing it's "wööööööööö."

We certainly hope Jari Tolsa learned his lesson: If you're going to steal another player's stick from the bench, turn around and hand it to a fan. Because that'll really piss him off. 

By and by the way: Glowing ads for Bauer along the glass that are on top of the ads that are already along the boards?

No one show this to Bettman.

s/t to Puck Daddy's Swedish ambassador, Fredrik Gustafsson.

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