Video: George Parros picks Krys Barch; how many games?

So George Parros might be in a little trouble. Early in the second period of Friday night's game between the Dallas Stars and the Anaheim Ducks, Parros caught Krys Barch with a shoulder to the head.

It's exactly the type of hit the league is trying to get rid of, eerily similar to the one that knocked out Sidney Crosby. Even if it wasn't intentional, if Brendan Shanahan doesn't suspend, people will likely begin to doubt his commitment to removing blindside headshots from the game.

I can't see there being much debate over this one, save a discussion on how many games you think it might warrant. Parros is an enforcer, which never bodes well when it comes time for supplementary discipline, but the guy is not a dirty player. He's not a repeat offender, either, a fact that Shanahan weighs heavily when considering his bans.

That will change, but his previously clean record -- as well as the fact that Barch stayed in the game, and there was, curiously, no penalty called -- will work in his favor.

And so: how many games?

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