Video: Finland’s Pasi Nurminen falls off plane into hockey trophy

You may remember Pasi Nurminen from his three-season stint (2001-04) as a goalie with the Atlanta Thrashers. But from this day forward, Pasi Nurminen will be known as the Finland goalie coach who fell off the stairs while deplaning and slammed head-first into his team's IIHF world championship trophy:

It's this network's contention that his noggin actually dented the trophy. Which. Is. Awesome. (Especially because Nurminen wasn't injured in the fall.) Here's the side view:

Welcome to YouTube infamy, sir.

Here's a hastily translated take from

Lions' goalie coach Pasi Nurminen's descent from an airplane red carpet attracted perhaps the most attention and laughter.

As soon as stairs and hard tuuletusten after Nurminen legs betrayed over and the man fell directly on the red carpet was on top of World Cup trophy. Nurminen aircraft at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, escorted out of the coach Petri Matikainen.

San Jose Sharks goalie Antti Niemi saw the video of his countryman and talked to the Vancouver Sun about it:

[Niemi] had a good chuckle of the video in which a very happy Finnish goalie coach Pasi Nurminen face-planted on the tarmac after arriving home from Slovakia.

"It's been 16 years since the last time Finland won so I think they are going to take the most party out of it that they can," Niemi explained.

From what we saw in Helsinki after they won the gold to what we saw at the airport … we really need to party with the Finns.

Stick-tap to Mark Spector of Sportsnet.

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