Video: Fan invades bench, attacks coach in Swedish hockey

For the second time this season, an opposing player taunted AIK fans in Sweden with a Max Talbot-esque "shhhh" after scoring a game-winning goal, as Daniel Rahimi(notes) of Rogle did the old finger-to-the-lips routine after an overtime tally Thursday in Stockholm.

The loss and the taunt didn't sit well with some of the more, uh, "passionate" among AIK fans, including one who managed to break through security, storm the Rogle bench and assaulted at least one team manager in a chaotic scene. From Daywalk3r, god of obscure You Tube hockey clips:

Jeez, how many guys who look like Black Francis from The Pixies does it take to secure an arena bench? Thankfully, the Swedish riot squad walked out with those vomit sticks from "Minority Report" ...

The fallout from the incident has been fascinating, as it's front-page news in Sweden. From (translated) reports that the Rogle was warned something like this could occur:

Even before the incident happened the training staff had been warned by both the referees and the security staff and was given instructions in case something would happen. Despite all that one fan managed to enter the booth and up to the coaches.

"We were told by the referee and the security guards that we should go out on the ice if anything happens. But you never expect something like this would actually happen. Immediately after the game, it started to rain down stuffs from the stands and after that, there's a guy on the bench as well. It is sad to see. I feel sorry for the guys in AIK who put up a great game." said Rogle's coach Pelle Svensson to SVT.

The Swedish newspapers are speculating that AIK could receive a massive fine and/or could be forced to play future games in front of an empty arena (translated).

For the record: Russian League fan bench attacks are so much cooler than Swedish League fan bench attacks, if only because they involve weapons instead of forceful shoving. Your move, SM-liiga of Finland!

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