Video: Counting down the NHL's stickiest saves of all-time

After Simeon Varlamov of the Washington Capitals and Roberto Luongo of the Vancouver Canucks both made bizonkers (tm Gary Bettman) stick saves in this season's Stanley Cup playoffs, TSN decided to rank the Top 10 stick saves in NHL history ... and evidently, that history began somewhere in the early-1990s.

If nothing else, seeing some of these incredible saves puts the Varlamov and Luongo stops in context. It can be argued that No. 8 on this list, by Patrick Roy with the Montreal Canadiens, trumps them both:

Great stuff. The diving stick-save is like the hockey equivalent of a home run-stealing catch by an outfielder in baseball: Some of them look more impressive than they really are, but others just boggle the mind for their athleticism.

And yeah, others are just close-your-eyes-and-hope-for-the-best luck.

Game 3 between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Vancouver Canucks is this evening, with the action shifting to what will be a raucous United Center. The Chicago media is wondering if the Hawks are inside of Luongo's head by crashing the net and creating a rush-hour level of traffic in front of him. Eight goals in two games is pretty shocking.

Adam Burish, meanwhile, is making friends after the Canucks lost defenseman Sami Salo to injury. From

"We have to target some of the other D now,' added Hawk winger Adam Burish. "Those other guys are going to have the bulls-eyes on their back . . .with Salo out, they are down to five of their main D. Now we are going to have to target more of their guys, we are going to have to try and hunt a few more of them down."

Never let it be said hockey isn't a gentleman's game ...

(H/T to YouTube legend DayWalk3r for the video.)