Video: The Bruins Bear gives men's urinal etiquette lesson

Having a large hairy paw land on your shoulder ranks quite high on the "things gentlemen would rather avoid while attending to business at a urinal" list. (Right below "flying piranha in the arena plumbing," in fact.)

Yet in watching the latest installment in the Boston Bruins' ingenious series of "Bruins Hockey Rules" commercials, the perpetrator brought this on himself by hopping the men's room line via the bathroom exit.

And, as is tradition, the Bruins Bear gave him a harsh education:

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Brutal. Because as much as we want to believe the stalls at TD Garden are cleaned regularly ... yuck.

This is the second Bruins Bear visit to the bathroom this season, as he previously spackled a pillar that an overenthusiastic (read: 'faced) young lady kicked through. Wonder if we'll see a hat trick in which the Bear harasses someone who doesn't wash their hands and then shares their buddy's nachos back in the cheap seats ...

Check out our feature on the Bruins Rules ads and how the team has reached out to the fans this season on what remains the best puckhead-centric ad campaign running today.

Stick-tap Days of Y'Orr, via reader Nick S.

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