Video: Barry Melrose shares his ancient skin secret

Anyone watch ESPN2's First Take ever this morning? No? Neither did I, but apparently they were discussing looking good when you're middle-aged, and host Jay Crawford asked Barry Melrose, in-studio but off-camera, how he dealt with crow's-feet around his eyes, and the ESPN hockey analyst revealed his secret facial product.

Via You Been Blinded: (NSFW language)

There's not a second watching Melrose's response that makes me think he was joking one bit. Plus, Melrose is wacky as it is, and I wouldn't put it past him that "chicken [Gretzky]" is his form of facial cream. His added instruction of using it for 30 minutes while watching hockey makes me wonder if Steve Levy and Matthew Barnaby(notes) have taken any of Melrose's advice during ESPN's Thursday Night Hockey coverage.

Co-host Dana Jacobson later apologized during the show for Melrose's inappropriate word saying that he did not realize he was on-air and that ESPN is sorry for "offending anyone we offended."

Stick-tap to Sports by Brooks for passing this along

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