Video: Anaheim fans brawl over Scott Niedermayer's stick

(UPDATE 8:07 p.m. EST: Pro skater and Ducks blogger Mike V has been arrested for his part in the fight.)

Anaheim Ducks captain Scott Niedermayer(notes) was named the first star of the night after his game-winning, power-play goal in overtime against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday. To celebrate with the home crowd, he skated out and attempted to toss his stick to a girl in the front rows near the glass.

That was until some man-mountain reached and grabbed the stick, a vigilante in a plaid shirt butt-ended him with it, and fists started flying between a few fans in the chaos -- all while under the Honda Center spotlights.

As you'll see, Niedermayer and the Fox Sports reporter couldn't exactly avoid the topic after this disturbing scene, making for one awkward opening exchange in their interview:

(Apologies for the taped-from-TV quality, but this clip really captures the fight. A clearer feed can be viewed on YouTube here.)

Before Niedermayer skates away, you can see him having a chat through the glass with a woman holding the stick, perhaps to indentify the intended recipient. Hopefully it's that blonde who starts punching with one hand while holding her beer with the other. That's a hockey fan.

To the surprise of no one, Fox Sports edited out the beginning of the interview in the postgame clip it released.

After seeing this clip, we're sad to see a nice gesture from a star player transform the lower bowl into a battle royal; we're hopeful that no one was injured and that the proper parties have been punished; and we're rather happy that ice hockey isn't played with axes or chainsaws.

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