Video: 'American Chopper' meets the Chicago Blackhawks

Back in October, Paul Teutal, Sr. of the popular show "American Chopper" on Discovery Channel unveiled a custom-built Chicago Blackhawks bike on the ice at United Center before their game with the Nashville Predators. The bike was signed by the entire team and will be raffled off to benefit the Special Kids Network and the Orange County Choppers Foundation and the Chicago Blackhawk Charities.

On last night's episode of the show, Teutal visited the Blackhawks and met with John Scott(notes), Jack Skille(notes) and head coach Joel Quenneville and learned the basics of how to take a slap shot:

Five things from that clip that we really enjoyed:

1. The "great 'stache" line and thumbs up from Quenneville. We still can't figure out if Coach Q was more excited to be meeting Teutal or looking forward to some post-hockey 'stache talk.

2. Jack Skille's life flashing before his eyes for a brief moment thinking Teutal was about to go old-school on him. And what was up with Skille being slighted in the introductions? Scott gets the "One of the biggest guys in the NHL" line and Q is introduced as "Winner of the Stanley Cup". Couldn't poor Skille get the "Top 10 draft pick in 2005" treatment?

3. Teutal playing with the boys in the locker room using an empty water bottle. No tennis balls or extra balls of tape lying around? Maybe the Blackhawks really did lose money last season afterall?

4. The random scream from Teutal's buddy before his slap shot attempt. Channeling his inner Howard Dean, perhaps?

5. Glenn Hall's No. 1 jersey being given to Teutal. That's an honorary Jersey Foul if we've ever seen one.

The custom Blackhawks bike will be on display at United Center and several Chicago-area locations on several dates the rest of the season and will be raffled off on April 12th.