Video: Alex Ovechkin meets Al-wax Ovechkin at Madame Tussauds

Puck Daddy

WASHINGTON, DC — Maybe Alex Ovechkin was creeped out about having a doppelganger. Why else get a fresh scar on the day your wax figure was being unveiled?

He was late to the unveiling of his wax figure at Madame Tussauds Washington D.C., having been stitched up earlier on Monday after banging his face against the crossbar in Washington Capitals practice. The scar above his eyebrow was one of the only discernible distinctions between Ovie Prime and Wax Ovie, another of the eerie clones on display at the wax museum.

From Madame Tussauds:

Ovechkin was an eager participant in the creation of his wax figure, spending hours with a team of Madame Tussauds studio artists, who joined him in Arlington, V.A. earlier this year to take more than 250 precise measurements and photographs — capturing him from every angle. The team of artists has been working since July to ensure the figure fully captures his unique style, exact eye color, build and overall allure, including his captivating smile (missing tooth and all). From head to skate, Ovechkin's wax figure is just as sporty as the flesh and blood version, as Alex has donated the Capitals uniform, pads and equipment, in which the figure is dressed.

I thought it had a Frankenstein's monster-like flathead, but Ovechkin thought it looked good. Perhaps because he has Frankenstein's monster-like flathead. Otherwise, the wax figure was really well done, even if we were deprived of seeing old school scraggle-bearded Ovechkin frozen in time. (Stupid no good lousy Gillette sponsorship deal.)

Here's our short video on today's unveiling.

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