Video: Adler Mannheim 2011 season trailer

Puck Daddy

With NHL training camps all over the country starting up over the weekend and hockey season fast approaching, there's reasons aplenty to start getting stoked for puck drop.

But if you're not quite feeling it yet, this video, via Matthew Witting, will likely serve to gear you up. It's the epic 2011 season trailer for German elite league team Adler Mannheim, and it features a) a massive CGI eagle, b) some German death metal, and c) perhaps the most badass display of inline skating since Mighty Ducks 2. (And yes, someone pulls a Charlie Conway and jumps clean over a car.)

Someone check that bird's IMDB page. I'm pretty sure it was in Lord of the Rings.

It always bums me out that NHL teams don't release season trailers like this, especially when they turn out as excellent as this one does.

Heck, the Canucks could release a video very similar to this one. They probably have plenty of footage of fans spilling into the streets and buildings getting wrecked, and blueliner Yann Sauve already has some experience smashing into a car.

And finally, as always, half the fun with European teams is scoping the roster for former NHLers. They don't boast many, save Freddy Brathwaite, but it's worth noting that Adler employs both Nikolai Goc and Yannic Seidenberg, the younger brothers of Marcel Goc and Dennis Seidenberg.

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