Video: Adirondack Phantoms ‘Built This’ hilarious ode to 1980s

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This promo video from the Adirondack Phantoms, the Philadelphia Flyers' AHL affiliate, needed three things to perfectly capture the 1980s MTV aesthetic it's going for: a cameo by Martha Quinn, a model/actress writhing on the hood of a Camaro and/or Thunderbird, and a prolonged sax solo … even if Starship's "We Built This City [On Rock and Roll]" didn't feature one.

But that's just us being grody dweebs. Check out the radical moves and totally tubular lip-syncing as the Phantoms promote their 1980s night to the max:


(Ed. Note: Alas, there are some rights issues with the song that prevent us from embedding it. We hate posts in which we can't embed the clip, but follow the link -- it's worth it.)

This clip was created for Phantoms 1980s Night, which was on Nov. 25. It was a celebration of the hair bands that visited the Glens Falls Civic Center, and a time when hockey was apparently played without goaltenders (based on the stats we've seen).

Number 19 in your programs, and now No. 1 in your hearts, is center Luke Pither, who may or may not be channeling Thomas Jane from "Boogie Nights."

"The guys were great. Luke Pither was the star of the video. We went to him and asked him who he thought would work best," said Matt Valinski, director of marketing.

He drafted forward Jason Akeson, defenseman Kevin Marshall and forward Tye McGinn for the shoot. Valinski said all of them took to it well, and needed little choreography. "For a lot of the dancing, the guys would say 'Alright, you just want me looking at the camera and moving, right?'" he said.

Kevin Marshall (No. 4), called up to the Flyers in the wake of Chris Pronger's injury, seems to have mastered the sensual sway of Robert Palmer's overly made-up backup band; yet, at the end, he's gone all Wham! on us.

Then there's the scene in which the players attempt to outrun a space-time warp tunnel and then disappear. Which is actually how waivers work.

The scene with the tumbling dice and the players running in place? Inspired by the classic Starship video, according to Valinski: "In the actual video, for reasons unknown to me, there are people being run down by a giant pair of dice."

Oh yeah, about that 1980s-style Whitesnake move with the girl on the hood of the car? Turns out their mascot has that covered:


Thanks to Phantoms for giving the world this video. You may not be the Belfast Giants. But the Belfast Giants also didn't have such amazing special effects. (My god, his head has descended from the ceiling, where he was no doubt dancing!)

The big question: Will there be a holiday offering from the Phantoms?

"We are planning on doing a Christmas video," said Valinski.

s/t to Tim McManus of the Glens Falls Post-Star for the find.

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