Vancouver Riots: Citizens unite to clean, police seek suspects

The people of Vancouver who didn't partake in the Game 7 riots could have spent The Day After bitterly lamenting and decrying the "criminals, anarchists and thugs" (in the words of the police) who turned downtown into a war zone on Wednesday night.

Instead, many of them were inspired to fix what was broken, clean what was stained and help repair the image of the city.

Strangers gathered Thursday morning, some called to action by a Facebook campaign, to help clean up the city after rioters burned cars, smashed windows and looted stores. A Twitter feed (@VancouverClean) followed their efforts, asking followers Thursday morning to "get down there and show that the rioters do not represent Vancouver as a whole."

Check out a Flickr gallery of some of their efforts, and read more from CTV. The image at the top is a makeshift billboard created out of the wooden panels covering broken windows at The Bay, at the corner of  Granville and Georgia.

Meanwhile, police are using social media to try and identify those captured in photos and video breaking the law during the riot. They've set up a section of the VPD website for tips (the volume crashed the page on Thursday) and via Facebook, including instructions on how to privately upload video to YouTube.

The citizens have also taken action, with a "Van City Riot Criminals" Tumblr page (Strong Language Warning) that seeks to identify some of the suspects from the riots that raged following the Boston Bruins' victory over the Vancouver Canucks.

While using social media to identify potential criminals can prove to be problematic ... it can also prove to be unintentionally hilarious. If you haven't read about the plight of Brock Anton, the Face of the Vancouver Riot, prepare your best Nelson Muntz laugh.

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