Upper Deck’s surprising Stanley Cup hockey card insert

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Typically, "surprises" in hockey card collecting involve paying $10 for a pack and then not finding half the cards to be third-liners. Rare are these surprises.

That's why it's pretty cool that Upper Deck had a real surprise in store for hockey fans in their 2011-12 Series 1 collection: an unannounced insert series called "Day With The Cup" that featured the Boston Bruins partying on their days with Stanley, such as Tuukka Rask did above. It just threw these cards into the packs, people started finding them and buzzing about them, and Upper Deck explained what the heck they were this week.

From Beckett:

The idea for the set was spawned after seeing an image from the Chicago Blackhawks' Andrew Ladd holding the trophy at the top of mountain after the 2010 championship.

The NHL seemingly understands crazy things some hockey players will do with their time with the Stanley Cup, so officials from the Hockey Hall of Fame have kept archived pictures since 2003 of the occasion. Upper Deck partnered with the Hockey Hall of Fame to chronicle the Boston Bruin players as the Cup made its way through the team.

These cards are pretty rare. Odds are stated as 1:1,000 in hobby packs, 1:2,500 in retail and 1:5,000 in blaster packs.

All the cards in the set can be viewed on Upper Deck's site. Gregory Campbell loves his dogs.

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