Ukrainian feminist group plays topless hockey to protest IIHF championships in Belarus

The 2014 IIHF world championship tournament is scheduled to be held in Belarus. The decision was blasted by those claiming the event shouldn't be hosted by a nation with "ongoing human rights violations." It's a decision that's caused widespread protest ranging from the president of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek to the Obama administration, who want to see the IIHF's plans suspended to help expose corruption by President Alexander Lukashenko.

And what better way to expose such things than to expose one's self?

According to Russia Today, a Ukrainian feminist group named Femen organized a game of 2-on-2 "street hockey" in front of the IIHF headquarters in Switzerland on Wednesday.

A game of topless street hockey. Well, they got our attention ...

From Russia Today (NSFW PHOTO WARNING FOR NUDITY), here's the political message the protesters sent while going top shelf:

The protest took place near the main office of the International Ice Hockey Federation in Zurich. Braving a severe frost, the protesters started a hockey game in the street wearing unbuttoned coats with nothing on underneath. Their demands, spelt out on banners, read: "Do not encourage dictatorship!" "Lukashenko, let's play in Hague!" and "Slaves can't play hockey!"

The feminists also issued a statement calling on sports officials "not to give rejuvenating injections to the rotten and dying body of Lukashenko's regime." They said that "The dictatorship is ruling Belarus by suppressing its own Constitution and fundamental human rights, suppressing all dissident attempts with torture and blood."

Well, they got our attention. More about the issues at hand from Channel 97.