U.S. World Junior win fallout; CBA talks get critical; awesome hockey video (Puck Headlines)

Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• If you missed the amazingness that was #DregerFace, check out Pension Plan Puppets for the meme and the incredible Photoshops Darren Dreger’s creepy demeanor inspired last night. [PPP]

• Is the NHL lockout over? [Is the NHL Lockout Over?]

• Just because the NHLPA didn’t file its disclaimer of interest last night doesn’t mean the union still won’t push the button on that nuclear option. [Tribune]

• Michael Grange on the salary floor: “Because the league is wedded to a $44-million floor in 2013-14, agreeing to a cap of $65 million or $67.5 million as the NHLPA is pushing for would mean a gap of $21 million or more between the cap and floor, which the league believes would compromise competitive balance. “ [Sportsnet]

• Jim Slater on the lockout: “We're preparing just like how we have been. We're going to keep skating and working out every day and getting ready. Hopefully the word comes and it's a positive word and we can get something going here and get the season started. If it doesn't happen, we know we gave it our best to try and get ready and when that camp does start that we come in in the best shape and we can start the season right away." [Free Press]

• Oh, look, it’s just Jarret Stoll hanging out with Erin Andrews at a party with John Legend. [The Turnstile]

• Apparently, a bundle of hockey sticks can spontaneously combust in Canada. [Global]

• Ryan Lambert, proud American, on the U.S. victory over Canada at world juniors: “It’s time for Canada to face the facts. Hockey’s just not the sport for you. You produce some okay players and make a little noise every once in a while, but four years in a row without gold at World Juniors? And this time after bringing every weapon in your supposedly-prodigious arsenal? Yeah, okay, you’ll probably beat the Russians on Saturday for Bronze but hell, the Slovaks almost beat the Russians. So did the Swiss. That’s the level you’re operating on these days.” [The Sleeping Giant]

• “Another reason for our recent World Junior woes could be due to a lack of star power.” Because that’s really killed the Swedes … [Edmonton Journal]

• Mirtle gives the Americans props. [Globe & Mail]

• Don Cherry has the Americans all figured out, except not at all. [Buzzing The Net]

• Dowbiggin on the Edmonton Oilers and a buyout: “Edmonton could buyout Horcoff with an amnesty, and the NHL could miraculously pump revenues back up immediately to the $70-75 million mark. But even then, the new CBA will force a serious cull of their prize draft picks by the Oilers management. If all the top draft picks who’ve starred at the WJC level perform, there’s only so much money left to pay them all.” [Globe & Mail]

• On Nike’s hockey campaign: “Nike stopped marketing hockey products because it wasn't a successful business venture. Marketing the idea of hockey, on the other hand, that is a successful business venture.” [700 Level]

• Cool story about a college goalie getting a chance to play with Washington Capitals players during the lockout. [CSN DC]

• The Stanley Cup is coming to Kansas City. [Pitch]

• Ducali Pizzeria & Bar near the TD Garden is launching “Puck Nights” and inviting hockey fans from across the Hub to watch games on their big screen projector. [Bostinno]

• Finally, via Kukla, Janne Makkonen has done it again: “As the deadline day gets closer I thought I'd contribute with another video. I tried to show the difficulty of being an NHL player. Enjoy!” We did.

NHL - 'Together We Can' | Part 2 from Janne Makkonen on Vimeo.

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